Come to Meea's, where we serve up one thing only – hot dogs – and we do it with flair! We take a fresh beef, turkey or veggie dog, steam it, split it, and grill it to perfection. Bedded down on one of our freshly baked and steamed buns, our dogs are hot, tasty and great as is or with the simple addition of ketchup and relish. But here at Meea's, you don't have to stop with the traditional toppings. Try our mind-bogglingly delicious gourmet toppings and enjoy a hot dog unlike any other.

The street hot dog is a Los Angeles tradition. Our version of the local specialty, the bacon-wrapped Danger Dog, is dangerously delicious. We wrap our dogs in bacon and then add condiments, onions, peppers and a grilled jalapeno on top. We've also created a special hot dog in honor of our multi-cultural neighborhood: The Eagle Rock. You'll love its sweet and crunchy combination of pork rinds, pickled papaya, sriracha and avocado. Other geographical inspired dogs include the Seattle-style dog with cream cheese and sauerkraut and our ever-popular Chi-Dog, plus more.

More About Us!

Add some fries to make your meal complete. Our shoestring-cut fries are cooked until crisp. Get them plain, with cheese or with chili and cheese for a meal unto itself. Those who prefer sweet potato fries will find ours to be perfectly prepared and even more delicious with a side of sweet honey for dipping.

Our service is always attentive and friendly, and you'll love sitting on our patio with its grassy lawn and colorful umbrellas. Bring a family or enjoy an intimate date with your sweetheart and two of the best dogs you've ever had! If you're tired of ordinary hot dogs, come to Meea's and discover something truly out of the ordinary.