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Masters of Valhalla Slot Review, High Volatile and RTP 96%

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Masters of Valhalla Slot Review

Of course, we know you need this Masters of Valhalla slot review before playing this online slot machine. Snowborn Games, located in Helsinki and Stockholm, has created Masters of Valhalla, a slot featuring many of the major characters from Norse mythology. 

It also has a number of well-known features, concluding in a hold-and-win bonus game with money symbols and special symbols that have a particular Money Train ring to them. 

Although this isn’t the first time Snowborn has sought inspiration elsewhere, they have made some alterations to the Masters of Valhalla’s perimeter. A collection system, for example, can generate more spins in the bonus game. Maybe not a game-changer, but it could work, we’ll see.

Best Masters of Valhalla Slot Review

Masters of Valhalla is a game set in a cold mountainous setting with excellent graphics but nothing spectacular. 

Although it’s interesting to see a variety of characters appear at various stages throughout the game, Masters of Valhalla isn’t nearly one of those Norse games that demand your full attention. 

Others exist with thicker atmospheres where you may truly immerse yourself in Nordic culture. The game’s visuals, on the other hand, are excellent for the task at hand. Sound falls from the same fate, being adequate but not extraordinary.

1. RTP and Volatility

The RTP is variable, ranging from 96% at best to 94% or less depending on configuration, and is played on a 5-reel game panel with each reel holding four symbols and producing up to 1,024 possibilities to win. 

Volatility was classified as high on the 96% version, although it was really labeled as ‘Very High’ on the other versions. Players can place bets ranging from 10p/c to £/€25 on all settings, with a hit rate of 30.12-30.29%.

2. Pay Symbols

Matching symbols land in adjacent reels, starting from the left side of the panel, to win in Masters of Valhalla. Low payouts are made up of four runic symbols, with a five-symbol winning method paying 1.1-1.2x the bet. 

Following that are four premium symbols: Hel, Thor, Freya, and Odin, who payout 2 to 3 times your stake for a five-of-a-kind hit. Wild symbols appear on all reels and can be used to replace any of the pay symbols. Wild combinations also pay off, with five of a kind paying up to 15 times the stake.

3. Slot Features

In Masters of Valhalla, there are several goals, the most important of which is to activate the Valhalla Bonus while the Berserk Meter is full. Wild symbols can also be used in the base game to activate one of four different types of Wild God Respins.

Wild Gold Respin

Wilds appear in four different colors, each of which corresponds to one of the four high-paying God symbols. When they land, they are gathered, and the corresponding Wild God Respin bonus can be triggered. 

One respin is granted when the feature is activated, and during it, 1-19 additional wild symbols are added to the reels, as well as all God symbols being changed with the one God symbol that fits the triggering wild.

Berserk Booster

The Berserk Booster meter is filled when exactly two bonus symbols appear on reels 1 and 3. The Berserk Booster is applied the next time the Valhalla Bonus round is activated once it has been filled.

Valhalla Bonus

This feature is triggered by landing bonus symbols on the first, third, and fifth reels. The grid is cleaned, and three wooden shields or three golden shields appear at random. 

The 4 spins are awarded if the Berserk Booster is activated; otherwise, 3 spins are awarded. Any new symbol that appears during the feature resets the number of spins to the starting value.

When bonus symbols occur on reels 1, 3, or 5, this feature is triggered. The grid is cleared, and three wooden or golden shields appear on the screen at random. If the Berserk Booster is active, you’ll get 4 spins; if it’s not, you’ll get 3 spins. The number of spins is reset to zero whenever a new symbol occurs during the feature.

Buy Bonus

Masters of Valhalla allows players to buy two versions of the bonus round if applicable. One is the regular Valhalla Bonus, which pays out 50 times your bet. The other is Valhalla Bonus, which offers 100x the bet when the Berserk Booster is active. However, try to learn the online slots guide to play this kind of slot game, because if you don’t have a proper strategy, you will easily fall into losing your bankroll. To win at gambling make sure only at slot online.

Final Thoughts

The last time we encountered Snowborn Games was in the well-designed feline-themed slot Cat Clans — a game that was full of endearing characters, strong features, and large win amounts, and appeared to be one of the studio’s more complete offerings. Although Masters of Valhalla was a fun game to play, the novelty factor has dipped a notch or two. 

When choosing a theme as popular as Norse Gods, Cat Clans’ hilarious originality is more difficult to achieve. This game is charming, but because there are so many games that look like it, it loses a few points for desirability, much like a typical Yu-Gi-Oh card.

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In the end, that is our Masters of Valhalla slot review. /