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The Incredible Balloon Machine Review (Medium Volatile, RTP 96.75%)

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The Incredible Balloon Machine Review

Are you curious about The Incredible Balloon Machine review? This game, one of Microgaming’s most intriguing and innovative games recently unveiled, is being developed for them by Crazy Tooth, a smaller company. 

They’ve created a game that doesn’t resemble a slot machine at all, and we’re not sure if it really qualifies for this category. It will, however, have a high RTP, so it may work just as well as a standard slot in the end.

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A Brief of The Incredible Balloon Machine Review

You don’t have any reels or lines; all you have are balloons that you inflate until they reach their maximum value or pop, leaving you with nothing. You do receive some special features, like 10x multipliers and the ability to choose bonus games, but that’s it. 

In terms of the potential payouts, the game appears to be capable of providing wins of up to 3,082x the stake while maintaining a very high RTP of 96.75%. It’s a title with a Medium level of volatility.

1. Wagering Options

You don’t actually place your wager with line bets because there are no lines, as you might imagine. You simply choose your total stake, which might vary from $0.20 to $40.

The players who give The Incredible Balloon Machine a chance will be richly rewarded. The game’s maximum payout in a single round is 3,082x the stake, which is more than $120,000 in cash.

The game has a medium level of volatility, which means you don’t win as frequently as you’d want. Despite this, the RTP is higher than many other slot machines, at 96.75%.

2. Slot Features

There are no icons on the reels and rows of the Incredible Balloon Machine. Only balloons are present, which you can inflate by holding down the Spin button. 

You’ll notice a meter that progresses from red to yellow to green. The wager is only put once you enter the yellow zone, at which point the balloon will be assigned a value and will begin to rise from there.

You can either let the button go and collect your rewards, or you can wait until the balloon reaches its maximum value. It can also pop at any time, causing you to lose everything. The balloon could even pop before it has any worth, resulting in an instant loss.

The game’s hit rate varies between 9 and 41%, depending on the player’s tactics. However, because you’re letting go of the button early, the higher the hit rate, the lower the rewards

Aside from that, the game offers a handful of other features, such as a random multiplier that ranges from 2x to 10x that improves the round’s win. The bonus game is a basic selecting game with cash prizes and 2x multipliers to be applied.

3. Theme and Design

You’re looking at a balloon machine that has a Steampunk design but is otherwise unimpressive. It’s not the most visually appealing game; it doesn’t appear like a slot deposit dana machine, and the only variation is the color of the inflated balloons on the screen.

Final Thoughts

You’re looking at a one-of-a-kind slot machine that can only be found at Microgaming online casinos. This game’s high RTP, good payouts, and medium volatility will appeal to anyone who likes interesting games.

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Finally, that is our The Incredible Balloon Machine review that you can figure out and play at slot game online site.

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